Livestock Impact - Equine All-In-One

June 08, 2020

Hello Folks

“I want to introduce you to a great new product, Livestock Impact - Equine All-In-One. When I top dress my feed with this supplement feed, I know my horses are getting the very best of the daily requirements of their vitamins, minerals, Omegas and fatty acids that money can buy. This combination ensures the most lustrous hair coat, mane and tail growth, hoof growth and weight gain. Also, I know when I am feeding Livestock Impact -Equine All-In-One, the horses   are getting more HA than any other joint supplement available on the market today. The fact that this balanced formulation contains the right amount of natural Selenium and daily requirement of Vitamin E helps to explain why my horses don’t seem to have Tie Up Syndrome. It’s the only tested and proven stem cell activation supplement increasing primitive cells by the millions. This may be why horses display much faster wound healing and recovery from extreme exercise, like racing, as well as, from the debilitating, stressful effects of transportation. Along with the other advantages of supplementing with Livestock Impact-Equine All-In-One, the digestive tract is observed to be healthier and more resilient. The combination of all- natural ingredients in Livestock Impact-Equine All-In-One has been shown over the course of many problematic horses to be a bronchial dilator easing the confusion of dealing with respiratory issues including EIPH. Livestock Impact has 6 all-natural Anti-Inflammatories and AntiOxidants . Thus the name All-In-One, eliminating having to supplement with multi supplements. Livestock Impact-All-In-One will ensure your horses healthy, happy, winning road to success in the halter, performance and the race horse industries.


Bruce Colclasure